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Less headaches. More get it done.
When you need "The tech guy", Think Dymaxion, Your Tech Team.

Managed IT Services
We do all the work for you

Apple, Mac, Microsoft, PC. You have invested in your IT infrastructure and rely on its performance, security and reliability. Dymaxion’s Managed IT Services ensure you have a qualified team ready to service your critical assets. Real time data provides the assurance that things are being done on time, when needed, using the most advanced network tracking and performance monitoring.

Managed IT Services provide services equivalent to, and in a similar manner to a technical employee. Automated monitoring is provided 24 hours a day responding to preset alert conditions. These services are typically performed during the hours of 08:00 to 17:00 during normal working days. After hours services are available upon request and are billable outside regular service hours.

We do the extra work for you

Have an IT person that needs some help? Need to escalate technical tasks? Have a big project that will require special expertise? We can help. Our Co-Managed IT Services utilize our automated tools and allocate the necessary resources, in collaboration with your IT personnel, to help your business tackle its priorities and manage your valuable resources.

Pick and choose which bundles make sense for you

Organization Service Bundles

People Service Bundles

Service On Call
We do just the work you don't want to

Need guaranteed response times, without hiring a Managed Service Provider?  Service on Call provides you with the opportunity to have a qualified IT team support your business and people without having a monthly commitment.  A Service On Call retainer agreement offers guaranteed response times comparable to a Managed Service bundle, but with the ability to only pay for what you use when you use it - at preferred Service On Call rates.

IT Projects
Specialized skills to get the job done, on time, on budget

Moving your office or moving to the cloud? We can help. IT Projects can be difficult or easy. Experienced and qualified IT people helping you can make IT projects a lot easier. Our team has delivered many IT projects to our customers, nothing is too small or big. Moving your office? Moving to Office 365 or G-Suite? Need better WiFi for your people and customers? We have experience and skills to help.

Additional IT Services

Trust, Train and Verify. Your success depends on how well your people can do their jobs using the tools and training that you have provided.  Are my teams keeping security in mind when they're doing their jobs?  How is my Managed IT Services Partner doing ensuring that my security is where it needs to be?  These yearly services are critical to answering these questions - with a report card directly to you!

IT Audits and Testing
☑ Mac ☑ PC
Cyber Threat Assessment
☑ Mac ☑ PC

Service Packages

Need a virus removed, files transferred from an old computer to a new one or OS reload on your current computer? Dymaxion offers extremely competitive rates for standard service packages. Our trained and certified experts will ensure that your software works with your hardware and that your Dymaxion computer service experience minimizes any impacts to your productivity and life.

Operating System Reload
☑ Mac ☑ PC
Backup and OS Reload
☑ Mac ☑ PC
General Diagnostic
☑ Mac ☑ PC

1. Managed IT Services assumes all necessary licensing, original media, passwords, agreements, documentation and other such material or intellectual property, is freely available in an unrestricted manner enabling support of your IT systems. Should this not be the case, additional time charges may be incurred to collect this information. 2. Due to numerous factors outside of our control, our services do not offer computing performance guarantees or accept operational liability or any other form of liability.