If your backups have ever failed you, or you are worried they may fail, this bundle is for you. Tired of shuffling, keeping track of and carting around backup USB hard drives, tapes and RDX cartridges? Wondering if your employee left the tapes in their car to freeze / melt or for someone to steal? This bundle eliminates that.

Backups are critical for a whole bunch of reasons – viruses, user mistakes, computer failures, floods / fires …. the list can go on and on. Wouldn’t it be nice if backups ran more than once a day and backed up only the changes to your files? This bundle entitles you to never worry about any of that again.

What’s Included?
· Setup a backup schedule that makes the most sense for your business – hourly, daily
· Monitoring and management of automated backups
· Monitoring and management of automated backup testing
· Monitoring and management of automated offsite backups (no need for cartridges or tapes)
· Virtualization of your computers on-site (optional)
· Virtualization of your computers off-site (optional)

What’s NOT included?
· Datto backup appliance
· Datto off-site cloud backup subscription

There are many sizes of backup devices with different capabilities. We can work with you to find the right mix of size and capabilities that meets your needs and budget.

Backup+ is really Business Continuity. Dymaxion is a partner of Datto Business Continuity solutions. Datto is a leader in providing innovative solutions which make current backup paradigms obsolete and focuses on Business Continuity – striving to eliminate infrastructure downtime due to disasters or user error.

Failed systems can run on an on premise Datto appliance or from the Canadian Datto cloud. This will minimize the immediate impact of application and system downtime to minutes and will allow for full system restoration to new or repaired hardware in a fraction of the time of traditional backups. Dymaxion clients have experienced the benefits of Datto business continuity after suffering server failures and virus outbreaks. These organizations remained operational and ready for business while their systems were repaired and restored. Data restoration and testing is included.

Required Bundles: None