Your people are your biggest asset. Our’s are, and they’re here to help your people. Do you have a point person to help your people with their workstations? Do they answer the same questions more than once? Do they get frustrated with the simple questions that everyone should ‘know’? People have strengths and weaknesses – and your teams all need access to the answers to on how your workstations work, and the software they use to get your work done. If this sounds familiar, and like it would help your team – this bundle is for you.

What’s included?
· Your teams’ access to our helpdesk and support line 902-406-HELP(4357) and email during regular working hours of 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
· Your teams' access to our support portal to open tickets and help themselves with standard office productivity apps (Word, Docs, Excel, Sheets, PowerPoint, Slides)
· Your teams’ access to our support portal to help themselves with specific information on your corporate applications that you can publish and post
· When you need our support team to come on-site to help with more complicated issues, we’ll be there (extra fee’s may apply)
· We’ll keep all of your workstations at the same version of standard software (Word, Docs, Excel, Sheets, PowerPoint, Slides) to a single version. That way your people can help one another, because all of the versions will be the same

What’s NOT included?
· Corporate application support

Required Bundle(s): Workstation