When a printer doesn’t print, a scanner doesn’t send – it can put your organization spiraling into chaos! If that happens at your office, this bundle is for you. Do you have a printer, scanner, and /or fax connected to your workstation network, or one connected directly to a workstation?

What’s included?
· Monitoring your printer
· Paper Jams
· Low Toner
· Maintenance Kit Required
· Low Paper
· Configuration of your Workstations and Servers to use your printers, scanners and faxes
· Support for your single purpose printers (label, receipt)
· Support for your smaller directly connected printers
· Escalated Printer repair status with the Dymaxion repair depot
· Preferred pricing for paper, toner, maintenance Kits

What’s NOT included?
· A replacement for your contract and support with your copier company to manage your leased equipment. We will work with them on the ‘Big’ Printers
· Printers that are not capable of being monitored
· Device Support and Maintenance Subscription fees not included.
· Device Repairs
· Maintenance Kits
· Paper
· Toner
Required Bundle(s): Workstation