VoIP or Unified Communications (UC) is a service that many telecommunications providers position to help your people communicate better. It works! Smartphone clients, Workstation clients, Video Conferencing, elimination of Long Distance and more. We work with several of the telecommunication providers to deploy UC within your organization as their partner and your IT. All of this runs on your network, and if that doesn’t work right, neither do your phones and workstations. If you have experienced robot sounding calls, or delays when you speak, then this bundle is for you.

What’s included?
· Network Configuration and Support
· We can act as your agent with your telecommunications provider
· Softphone deployment support
· iOS and Android Softphone deployment support
· Web Conferencing Support

What’s NOT included?
· Network Firewalls, Switches capable of supporting VoIP
· VoIP Subscription with your Telecommunications provider
Required Bundle(s): Network