Managing and supporting your servers can be a daunting task. What is the difference between a server and workstation anyway? What is the difference between a cloud, virtual, or physical server? What are services, cloud services – are they the same as a server? Who knows? Why do I need one anyway? If you have any doubt about what these things are and how they can help your business – this bundle is for you.

What’s included?
· Monitoring during regular working hours of 8am-5pm Atlantic Time Monday through Friday
· Support and Monitoring lets us know when your server needs help. We’ll know when your disk is too full, you’re running out of memory, or if your network connection or CPU is too busy. We’ll be able to fix it before it becomes a problem.
· Event log monitoring allows us to tell when the Operating System or other software that you have running on your server is working properly or is having problems. We will monitor your event logs so that we know when we need to take corrective measures to keep your server hardware and software healthy.
· Server alerting notifies us when your server is showing signs of being unhealthy. We will know when we need to complete maintenance or take corrective actions to prevent your server from crashing or not operating normally.
· Server end-user account management. End users log in to their workstations using their server end-user log ins. We manage all of the end user account settings.
· New Users – we create end user accounts for your employees to log in to their workstations
· Terminate Users – we delete end-user accounts when you dismiss an employee so that they can no longer log in to your workstations
· Change Users – we modify end-user accounts to limit employees to only the information that you want them to access
· Password resets – we all forget our passwords, especially when we come back off vacation. We will work with your employees to reset their passwords when they get locked out of their workstations.
· Password Maintenance – passwords need to change every so often to ensure that employee accounts don’t get compromised. Working with you, we will set up how long a password is good for until it needs to change, and what level of complexity your passwords need to have.
· Maintenance lets us keep your servers running at peak performance. Servers need work, just like your car. We’ll run maintenance plans weekly during a time when you’re not using your servers so that your server hardware and software is current, disks stay fast, hardware patches are applied, overall making sure your server stays healthy.
· Operating System Updating lets us keep your servers up to date with the manufacturer's latest fixes, security updates and features. We’ll run software updates weekly during a time when you’re not using your servers. Typically, the manufacturer releases these updates weekly to make sure that any known/resolved software defects and bugs in the software get applied on time. If we don’t apply these fixes regularly, the software manufacturer may not be able to support the operating system software when an incident occurs.
· Servers are expensive. We inventory your server, so we know about all of the bits and details of your equipment. We will know when your manufacturer's warranty is about to expire and if you can buy an extended warranty. Having a current inventory will help minimize the risks to your organization and plan out server hardware upgrades and replacements.
· Servers are complicated. We work with many top brand server manufacturers daily to fulfill server requirements and orders for many organizations. We can work with you and them to identify the right server that meets your needs and budget.
· Warranty repairs to servers will be escalated and completed by the Dymaxion Repair Depot
· Out of Warranty repairs will be escalated and completed by the Dymaxion Repair Depot. Our repair team will complete repairs as if the equipment is under warranty, with the costs of the replacement parts being passed on to the customer. Approval by the customer for the purchasing of repair parts will be sought before any purchase of replacement parts has been made. Any out of warranty repairs pose a risk for the customer of being down for an extended time or being unable to access the manufacturer's firmware updates. Out of warranty servers do not always have repair parts readily available, and parts are not always available from the manufacturer. Third party repair parts, often without any guarantee of performance, will be sourced from organizations selling 3rd party vendor equipment.

What’s NOT included?
· Server support and monitoring on statutory holidays and weekends.
· Emergency after hours support (available for Severity 1 and 2 incidents on a per call basis) extra fees may apply.
· Server maintenance that can’t be completed remotely: If your servers need maintenance that needs to be completed after hours, we will need access to your building; extra fees may apply.
· Operating system updating that can’t be completed remotely: If your servers require updating that needs to be completed after hours, we will need access to your building; extra fees may apply.
· Operating system upgrades: Software manufacturers at some point will stop supporting their older versions of the operating systems. They publish the dates and describe this event as End of Support (EOS) and End of Life (EOL) date. When this occurs, we can no longer effectively support or update your server operating system, keeping your server healthy. Dymaxion will need to perform an operating system upgrade to a supported version. This task is not included in this bundle.
· Server deployment: Servers can be delivered with an operating system or without. We can complete the hardware configuration and software installation so that the Operating System meets your business needs. Servers typically aren’t configured the same – a database server is configured a lot differently than a file server.

What about cloud services?

In some cases, instead of buying a server to run your services, you can just buy the services from various cloud service providers. If you need a log in server – you can buy that service. If you need file sharing service – you can buy that service. And so on. We are a cloud service provider so we can work with you to know when services make more sense for your business than a physical, virtual or cloud server. We can work with the services just as if it was a server.
Required Bundle(s): None