Microsoft Office 365 has many features above and beyond traditional Exchange Server capabilities. There are many license levels of O365, and we can help you make sure your O365 is performing at its best. Check out our Office 365+ bundle to do even more with your Office 365 setup.

What’s included?

Support for the entry-level features:
· Create / Delete Accounts
· Password Changes Updates / Patches (Office Software)
· Mailbox Permissions
· Calendar Permissions
· Shared Mailboxes
· OneDrive
· Setting up corporate resources (ie. Boardroom)
· License Management

What’s NOT included?
· Skype for Business Support
· OneDrive Support
· SharePoint Support
· Teams Support
· OneNote Support
· Dynamics
· Flow
· O365 Licenses

Of course we can support you on all of your devices!

Required Bundle(s): None