We’re worried about the next virus, crypto locker, and bot. Are you? Every day new threats are created to wreak havoc on your organization. That’s a fact. If you’re concerned (you should be) then this bundle is for you.

If your people are mobile, maybe all you need to be sure of is that their workstations are staying safe.  We can help you with antivirus that you do have in place.

What’s included?· Antivirus Software Help

· Managed Anti-Virus
· Application Control
· Web Control
· External (Peripheral) Device Control
· Artificial Intelligence to detect known and unknown threats
· Ransomware and boot records attacks
· Exploit blocking for zero-day threats
· Root cause analysis
· Malware cleanup
· Synchronized Security settings across Servers, Workstations, and other devices
· Monitoring and Alerting of infections

What’s NOT included?

· Security Hardware Help

· Right sizing and configuration of a next generation firewall features for individual people or your entire organization
· VPN Configuration
· Intrusion Prevention
· Denial of Service Attack Prevention
· DNS Filtering
· Monitoring and Alerting of security events

· Security Hardware

· Support Subscriptions
· Feature / Update Subscriptions
· Security Software
· Managed Anti-Virus Software Subscriptions
· Email Protection Software Subscriptions (SPAM)

· On-site assistance available, extra fees may apply
· Shipping of devices to and from Dymaxion for intensive cleanup
· Temporary Workstation rental fees are not included
· Temporary Server rental fees are not included

· Email Protection Software

· Anti-Spam protection
· Anti-Malware protection
· Attachment Sandboxing (makes sure attachments don’t have viruses)
· Data loss prevention (makes sure sensitive data doesn’t go through email)

End User Security Policies and Training - See our Security Training Page
Audits / Testing – See our Audit / Testing Page

See our Mobile Bundle for help with devices that leave your workplaces

*We will need access to your email rules in order to perform security services"

Required Bundles: Workstation Server