Workstations come in a variety of types and sizes that meet different business needs. Would your business work best or more effectively with a Windows, OS X, or Chrome workstation? Apple and Chrome? A lot of businesses are using more than Windows to get the job done efficiently and effectively. The right tool for the job and employee. Regardless of what type of workstation you choose for your employees, we can monitor and support it to ensure they have the tools to get the job done. Maybe you don’t want workstations, maybe it’s a virtual desktop that would work best for your employees. We support that too.

What’s included?
· New Equipment
· Co-authoring of an acceptable computer operating environment image
· Receiving of computers at Dymaxion
· Deployment of the co-authored image to workstations
· Deployment services of replacement equipment
· Migration of data from old computer to new
· Old Equipment
· Secure destruction of information containing components (Hard Disks)

· Monitoring during normal working hours of 8am-5pm Atlantic Time Monday through Friday
· Support and monitoring lets us know when your workstation needs help. We’ll know when your disk is too full, you’re running out of memory, or if your network connection or CPU is too busy. We’ll be able to fix it before it becomes a problem.
· Event log monitoring allows us to tell when the operating system or other software that you have running on your workstation is working normally or is having problems. We will monitor your event logs so that we know when we need to take corrective measures to keep your workstation hardware and software healthy.
· Workstation alerting notifies us when your workstation is showing signs of being unhealthy. We will know when we need to complete maintenance or take corrective actions to prevent your workstation from crashing or not operating normally.
· Maintenance lets us keep your workstation running at peak performance. Workstations need work, just like your car. We’ll run maintenance plans weekly during a time when you’re not using your workstations so that your workstation hardware and software is current, disks stay fast, hardware patches are applied, overall - making sure your workstation stays healthy.
· Operating system updating lets us keep your workstation up to date with the manufacturer's latest fixes, security updates and features. We’ll run software updates weekly during a time when you’re not using your workstation. Typically, the manufacturer releases these updates on a weekly basis to make sure that any known/resolved software defects and bugs in the software get applied in a timely manner. If we don’t apply these fixes on a regular basis, the software manufacturer may not be able to support the operating system software when an incident occurs.
· We inventory your workstation, so we know about all the details of your equipment. We will know when your manufacturer's warranty is about to expire and if you can buy an extended warranty. This will help minimize the risks to your organization and plan out workstation hardware upgrades and replacements.
· Which workstation makes the most sense? We work with many top brand workstation manufacturers daily to fulfill requirements and orders for many organizations. We can work with you and them to identify the right workstations that meet your needs and budget.
· Warranty repairs to workstations will be escalated and completed by the Dymaxion repair depot
· Out of warranty repairs will be escalated and completed by the Dymaxion repair depot. Repairs will be completed as if the equipment were under warranty, with the costs of the replacement parts and labour being passed on to the customer. Approval by the customer for the purchasing of the parts and labour will be sought before any purchase of replacement parts has been made. Any out of warranty repairs pose a risk for the customer of being down for an extended period of time. Out of warranty workstations do not always have repair parts readily available and parts are not always available from the manufacturer. Third party repair parts, often without any guarantee of performance, will be sourced from organizations selling  3rd party vendor equipment.

What’s NOT included?
· Workstation support and monitoring on statutory holidays and weekends.
· Emergency after hours support (available for Severity 1 and 2 incidents on a per call basis) extra fees may apply.
· Workstation maintenance that can’t be completed remotely: If your workstation requires maintenance that needs to be completed on-site after hours, we will need access to your building; extra fees may apply.
· Operating system updating that can’t be completed remotely: If your workstations require updating that have to be completed on-site after hours, we will need access to your building; extra fees may apply.
· Operating system upgrades: Software manufacturers at some point will stop supporting their older versions of the operating systems. They publish the dates and describe this event as End of Support (EOS) and End of Life (EOL) date. When this occurs, we can no longer effectively support or update your workstation operating system, keeping your workstations healthy. Dymaxion will need to perform an operating system upgrade to a supported version. This task is not included in this bundle.
· Physically moving computers from one workspace to another
· Additional workstation deployment
· Shipping of old computers to Dymaxion for destruction

Enrollment criteria:
· The supported equipment is the customer’s property, not personally owned.
· The computer must be running a standard business class operating system that is currently supported by the software vendor.
· Dymaxion support personnel have administrative access to the computer.
· Dymaxion support personnel can re-image a computer when necessary to resolve an incident or complete a service request.
· Customers must provide access to supported computers either in person or via the Dymaxion remote monitoring and management tool for remote assistance.
· Customers must be available to support Dymaxion support staff during standard service hours to answer questions that facilitate service delivery.
· Customer purchased equipment may need to be stored by the customer until the scheduled time of deployment.
· Customers must provide proof of license if needed when requesting software installation.
· Customers will provide installation media if needed.
· Customers must validate data transfers to new computers within two weeks as backups of client data may not be available after two weeks.
· Customers must submit requests to initiate data destruction and surplus/disposal of old equipment.

Required Bundle(s): None