Technical Services Agreement

Managed IT Services
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Service Delivery Methodology
Dymaxion Managed IT Services are delivered by the Technical Service team, utilizing the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) set of specific practices for IT Service Management (ITSM).  Dymaxion’s interpretation of ITIL and ITSM is aligned for small and medium sized businesses and ensure that our service delivery is quality and process driven while allowing for quick and immediate response and resolution to incidents and problems. For more on ITIL and ITSM, please see:

Service Bundles
The details surrounding each service bundle can be found online at By disclaiming a service bundle, you indicate that you are not interested in the specific service bundle and accept the consequences. Dymaxion is happy to provide service typically covered under a disclaimed service bundle, however additional fees will be charged.

Site Survey
Dymaxion will identify all equipment and provide a list of items that will be supported by Managed IT Services and any exclusions. This list may be updated at any time and pricing will be adjusted accordingly to align with the monthly recurring fees.

Service Areas
Our service areas are outlined at

Quote (Estimate)
Preceding the commencement of initial service, a quote for the estimated total monthly cost for initial/recurring Managed IT Services will be provided to you for your review. Monthly recurring service costs may change based on the quantity and serviceability of assets modified within the technology infrastructure of your business.

Managed IT Services Project and After Hours Rates
IT Projects that are not included within the scope of Managed IT Services will be quoted and invoiced separately at the discounted rates below.  A Statement of Work (SOW) will be presented for your approval. Some examples would include Virtual CIO, Telecommunications, Specialized Software and Hardware Research, and Integrations.

Regular vs. Managed IT Services Rates

Service Level Agreement
Dymaxion is committed to resolving any issues as quickly as possible. Our goal is to minimize any negative impact on your business.

How to engage Dymaxion for Support
The following describes the procedure for contacting Dymaxion for support given the classification of the incident. The quickest resolution time for any incident will rely significantly on following the appropriate contact method. Not following the identified procedure may result in inaccurate prioritization of the incident, causing unnecessary delays to resolution times.

Managed IT Services customers will have access to a dedicated Emergency After Hours phone number dedicated for Emergency (Severity 1) and Critical (Severity 2) incidents. Because this is a pay per incident service, we advise that you designate only authorized personnel to call this phone number.

Incident Contact Process

Priority Response and Resolution Times
Dymaxion always works to respond to every customer call as efficiently and effectively as possible. With our priority response times, you are guaranteed that your high severity incidents grab and keep our attention until resolution. As a Managed IT Services customer, your incidents are addressed ahead of Service on Call, Projects or Repair incidents.

Incident Triage Matrix
Our team will triage incidents using the following matrix. If you disagree with our determination you are welcome to work with us to better understand your business to triage incidents more effectively.

*Continuous Effort means that effort will be prioritized during business days between 08:00 to 17:00. If work on high severity incident(s) is requested to continue after hours, Emergency After Hours Service rates will apply.

Emergency After Hours Service – (902)-405-0695
Emergency after hours service calls will be answered by the service technician on call. The typical response time for a service call is immediate; however, there may be a maximum of 4 working hours from the time the call is placed until a response is provided. Dymaxion will make every effort to minimize response times. Dymaxion will use reasonable efforts to respond and resolve individual problems under the 4 working hours of the request for support being logged by telephone and the customer recognizes that certain problems, due to their nature, are not resolvable within the 4 working hours. Examples of such issues include service outages from third party providers, such as ISP’s or other hardware failures. The customer is responsible for ensuring that calls are logged as soon as possible. If the customer is experiencing a severity 1 incident (unable to function due to the incident) an engineer will be onsite within 4 working hours, depending on travel time and customer site location. Dymaxion will make every effort to be onsite within 4 hours. If a solution is not reached in the initial support period, the engineer may arrange another time, with the agreement of the client, to return with a solution to the incident. If a workaround is possible to enable the customer to function, the engineer will make every effort possible to put in place a workaround. The engineer has the final decision as to whether the initial support period will be provided on-site or by remote support. The engineer has the final decision as to whether the additional support period is at another time and date. Should a dispute arise surrounding the incident handling, the incident will be escalated to a Dymaxion Technical Services Manager.

Response times described within this section are subject to delay due to strikes or other forms of work action or other natural events occurring which may restrict our ability to provide services (e.g. snow storms, road delays, hurricanes, events where public safety officials are stating to take precautions or stay off of the roads).

Only authorized customer representatives will be able to submit an emergency after hours call. Managed IT Services customers are required to identify any and all authorized representatives prior to placing an after hours call.

Service Renewal & Termination
Recurring Managed IT Services are provided and billed on a monthly basis. These Services may be terminated upon 30 days written notice, without cause or penalty, by either party. Services will be billed on the same day of each month. Any monthly recurring services that have not been in effect for the full calendar month will be prorated for that month. Services flagged as out of compliance will be adjusted on a monthly basis.

Terms & Conditions
View our Terms & Conditions of Service at