Remote workplace solutions

COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to spread and was recently declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. At Dymaxion, the safety of our employees and customers remains our number one priority.

In the wake of the recent need for more employees to work remotely, some organizations have found themselves with an unprecedented need to provide secure remote access. The ability to support this type of workforce with little to no notice is critical for business continuity and security. With Fortinet Teleworker Solutions, organizations ensure secure connectivity for employees, wherever they reside.

Remote Connectivity

Fortinet Security Fabric provides secure connectivity for remote employees, including employees with elevated credentials who need access to confidential, critical business information.


If you currently change tapes or hard drives daily as part of your backup strategy and are trying to limit your time at the office, you may want to consider a cloud-based backup solution. Dymaxion partners with Datto on these solutions. Also, some employers might be concerned about remote workers storing data locally while working remotely and it not being backed up. Datto has a product called Cloud Continuity. This is a direct to cloud image based backup for Windows 7 and 10 machines. It can be purchased on a monthly basis and cancelled at any time.

Managed Power

There are inexpensive solutions that can connect your firewall and Bell or Eastlink modem to have the ability to power cycle them remotely, if required, with no trip to the office required! We use these at customer sites to ensure we can get customers up and running quickly when it is just a reboot that is required.

Smart Hands & Feet

If your IT person gets sick, we're here to help woth all your on-site technical needs.

Please contact us for more information and how we can help! Stay safe everyone!!

- Dymaxion - IT Solutions for Business