Managed Services - Network Monitoring and Support

Network Services
Dymaxion is a reseller amongst others of Datto, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Fortinet solutions. These manufacturers offer best of breed solutions for network infrastructure components. As technology evolves from on premises to on demand cloud services, your networking infrastructure increasingly becomes even more critical.

Network Router / Gateway (Fortigate)
Your office computer network is connected to the internet through your Internet Service Providers (ISP) modem or router. The device that your ISP provides to you to make the connection to the internet does not have sophisticated capabilities to keep your computers safe and protected. Dymaxion can work with your ISP to configure the ISP’s modem or router to work best for your business, or help you select a more capable Internet router/gateway/firewall to meet your business needs. Some companies are required through regulatory legislation to have more sophisticated protection to safeguard personal and financial data.

Network Infrastructure (Wired / Wireless)
Your network infrastructure is your electronic link to the world. Dymaxion can manage your wireless and wired network ensuring that your connections stay up and working. Dymaxion will monitor your network to ensure that your internal LAN and Wireless LAN are operational, as well as your connection to the public internet.

Remote Connectivity (VPN, Remote Desktop)
Enabling your team to work where and when they need to is important. Dymaxion understands this and can monitor your remote connectivity to your office using Virtual Private Networks, or Remote Desktop Services. We can ensure that your staff is positioned to connect when they need to.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Liaison
The internet enables your email, websites, and services to be consumed locally or globally. With the evolving ways to connect your office to the internet, you need a partner that knows what technology changes/options and different pricing plans/options there are from the various Internet Service Providers. A partner that understands your business can help you make sense of the different options and work with the ISP on your behalf to ensure that you receive the best value for money and achieve your objectives.

Internet Domain Name Management
The internet enables your email, websites, and services to be consumed locally or globally. Your .com, .ca, .net or other domains matter and establish your brand on the public internet. Dymaxion can manage your Internet Registrar and Internet Domain Name service provider and Internet Domain Name records for you. We will manage 1 Internet Registrar, 1 Internet Domain Name Service provider and the records created within the Internet Domain Name Server (DNS).

Exclusions: Non-Fortinet, Non-HPE or Non-Datto Networking Devices will incur additional charges of time and materials. A quote will be provided.
Device Support and Maintenance Subscription fees not included.
Wiring Room cleanup is not included.
Internet Registrar fees not included.
Internet Domain Name Service Provider not included.
More than 1 Internet Registrar, Internet Domain Service Provider management is performed on a time and materials basis at Managed IT Services Rates.