Managed Services - End User Workstation Monitoring and Support

Client Requirements
The following requirements apply to customers receiving this service:
  • The computer is enrolled in Dymaxion’s Security and Support service bundle. >>Mandatory requirement.
  • Customers will provide access to supported computers either in person or via the Dymaxion Remote Monitoring and Management tool for remote assistance.
  • Customers will be available to support Technical Services staff during standard service hours to answer questions that facilitate service delivery.
  • Customers will submit requests for service using standard methods.
  • Customer purchased equipment may need to be stored by the customer until the scheduled time of deployment.
  • Customers must provide proof of license if needed when requesting software installation.
  • Customers will provide installation media if needed.
  • Customers should validate data transfers to new computers within two weeks as backups of client data may not be available after two weeks.
  • Customers will submit requests to initiate data destruction and surplus/disposal of old equipment.

Business Desktop Support
Business Desktop Support is available for computers that meet the following criteria:

  • The supported equipment is the customer’s property, not personally owned.
  • The computer is running a standard business class operating system.
  • Support personnel administrative access exists or can be created on the computer.
  • Dymaxion Support personnel can re-image a computer when necessary to resolve an incident or complete a service request.

Business Desktop Deployment Services
New computers come from a distribution center with the manufacturer’s standard install of an operating system along with many trial versions of products that may not be required by a customer. 

New Equipment

  • Co-authoring of an acceptable computer operating environment image at the customer site
  • Authoring of Application Deployment Packages for automated installation/deployment of commercially available software applications
  • Receiving of computers at Dymaxion or customer site
  • Deployment of the co-authored image to workstations
  • Deployment services at Dymaxion or customer site
  • Migration of data from old computer to new
  • Delivery of imaged computers to the end user’s work area

Old Equipment

  • Secure destruction of information containing components (Hard Disks)

Relocation of Computers

  • Physically moving computers from one workspace to another when required
Operating System Patch Management
Each of the End User Workstations you select for monitoring will be managed for applicable operating system patches. This will help keep the workstation secure and up to date and operating with minimum downtime.

End User Workstation Monitoring and Alerting
Specialized software will monitor the computing equipment selected to detect abnormal physical conditions. Alerts will be sent via email messages to Dymaxion. Monitoring and Alerting does not eliminate errors and failures but enables a proactive approach to maintain uptime.

End User Workstation Error & Event Log Monitoring
The Windows End User Workstation Operating Systems maintain a log of unusual situations and events. Automated monitoring of the error and event log supplements scheduled manual viewing and is helpful in maintaining the overall health of workstation equipment.

Drive Space Monitoring
By setting suggested guidelines, Dymaxion will be aware when disk storage capacity approaches a level when proactive action is required. When an alert is received, either additional storage capacity can be added or information removed from your End User Workstation.

Computer Repairs
Dymaxion is a certified repair depot for the equipment that it supplies. Repairs to equipment that is under warranty or extended warranty and supplied by Dymaxion will be performed by Dymaxion.

Dymaxion will offer repair services for out of warranty equipment that it supplies as well. Repairs will be completed as if the equipment were under warranty, with the costs of the replacement parts being passed on to the customer. Approval by the customer for the purchasing of the parts will be sought before any purchase of replacement parts has been made.

Customers may call Dymaxion’s Authorized Repair Depot service desk for assistance, 902-406 HELP(4357) from 08:00 to 17:00 during normal working days, email or access an end user portal for repair submission, quotes, status, and management.